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Everyone Needs Options, Especially When Picking Out Kitchen Countertops

Granite. Quartz. Solid surface. Sears Home Services has just the right countertop to beautify your kitchen, no matter what style you prefer. We bring the showroom to you by walking you through our wide selection of countertops, right in the comfort of your home. Our specially-trained consultant can help you choose the perfect style to complement the look of your kitchen.

  • Granite
    Granite is the most popular choice among our customers, and for good reason. Imagine having a gorgeous countertop installed in your kitchen, knowing that no one else will have exactly the same look. That's because granite is a natural stone that varies in color and pattern from slab to slab. Granite countertops are also very sturdy and resistant to chemicals. And when you buy your granite countertops from Sears, you'll know they are GREENGUARD® certified.
  • Solid Surface
    Solid surface countertops are completely non-porous, making them solid the whole way through. That means they are extremely easy to clean and resistant to mold. It also means they won't absorb food, odors, or bacteria. Our wide selection of solid surface styles and colors make them easy to match the look of your kitchen, regardless of its style. They also easily integrate with sinks and coved backsplashes.
  • Quartz
    Quartz countertops can be very beautiful. But there's more to Quartz than its good looks. It's stain-resistant, scorch-resistant, and scratch-resistant. Only diamonds, sapphires, and topaz have harder surfaces. And its non-porous surface makes it so easy to clean, it's virtually maintenance-free.

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Any addition to your kitchen is an important investment. Trust the company that's been around for 125 years to provide you quality countertops at the right price. We'll give you a free in-home estimate before you agree to having any work done. And our project consultants will make sure that your countertops are installed right the first time. Trust Sears Home Services with your next countertop purchase.

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Advantages of a Sears Countertop Remodel

Healthier indoors, healthier environment

Sears offers GREENGUARD® certified products that have passed strict emissions testing. Held to a higher level of standards, this certification is backed by data to support their environmental stance.

Free in-home consultation

Sears can evaluate your countertop needs with a free in-home consultation. Our specially-trained consultant will answer all your design and installation questions.

Manufacturer backed warranty

Our goal is to satisfy you and eliminate any worry. Sears stands by our Satisfaction Guarantee and trusted warranties.

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